Our craft Cheeses

All our cheeses are made exclusively based on Manchego sheep milk from unique livestock in the Montes de Toledo.

The quality control of the milk with which we make our cheeses, allows them to have exceptional characteristics throughout the entire process.

In addition, an exhaustive control of the cheese production process, without intervening in the natural qualities of milk, allows us to achieve a unique taste and texture in our products.



Castillo Peñas Negras is the original brand and the seal of our cheese family, serving as the basis for the birth of everything we offer today. Our original product, a 100% pure sheep cheese with an authentic flavor in all its varieties.

Tender and soft

Firm and with more flavor

Special and daring

C/ Ciudad Real, 12 Mora, Pol. Ind. de Mora, 45400 Mora, Toledo


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Any questions about our products and orders, do not hesitate to contact. Phone: +34 605 942 913  e-mail: info@manchegosr.com