Origin Matters

We are a family business located in the small town of Mora, in the heart of La Mancha, dedicated to the artisan elaboration of authentic Manchego cheese since 1999.

Our cheeses come from unique livestock, which allows us to control the quality of the product at all times and we elaborate the whole process by hand.

Currently, we are dedicated to the production and marketing of only 100% pure sheep cheese and organic Manchego cheese, the latter being our main value proposition.

Our raw material and the traditional care of our elaboration allows us to offer exceptional quality in an extensive range of flavors and cures.

Eating well is a necessity, eating healthy is an art.

Milk quality

We have a sheep hut of more than 3,500 sheep of the Manchega and Lacaune breeds, who graze on long walks through the green Montes de Toledo in a controlled way, we take care of every feeding of all of them to obtain an exceptional quality and taste.

The farm has more than 2,000 hectares of Encinas, Nogales, Olivos and forages fields, where our sheep feed freely surrounded by native nature.

A respectful milking process, at the right time and complying with all European standards to obtain authentic La Mancha milk.

Our Cheeses

A complete range of products, tender, semi-cured, cured, aged, with extra virgin olive oil, organic, with raw milk or pasteurized milk, all made with the same philosophy and traditional processes to achieve delicious flavors and textures, with the same quality. 

Cheese Master

One of our fundamental pillars is the figure of Don Luis Sánchez de Rojas, our Cheese Master and true engine of the production area.

Don Luis, with his experience and motivation, transfers passion, patience, and method to our products until we reach the levels of excellence that we pursue in our Cheese Factory.

We achieve an annual production of 300,000 pieces of cheese in technically perfect facilities, with our own electric and thermal energy production station to reduce the environmental impact.

C/ Ciudad Real, 12 Mora, Pol. Ind. de Mora, 45400 Mora, Toledo


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Any questions about our products and orders, do not hesitate to contact. Phone: +34 605 942 913  e-mail: info@manchegosr.com